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Empower Growth

Welcome to a space designed just for you – a sanctuary where you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. I understand that sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings can be an intimidating prospect. Vulnerability is no easy feat, and finding the right person to confide in can be an even greater challenge.​


In this haven of trust, I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. I recognize the importance of building a foundation of trust, ensuring that you feel safe and secure to unravel your thoughts. Before delving into the depths of your aspirations and concerns, I am dedicated to establishing a connection that goes beyond surface-level interactions.​​Together, we will explore the areas of your life that deserve attention and delve into the intricacies of your thoughts and emotions. My goal is not just to listen but to seek understanding, challenge perspectives, and empower you to navigate the directions you wish to explore. Through our partnership, you will uncover the tools to connect, find joy, and cultivate habits that lead to a fulfilling life.


​Navigating the complexities of life, especially within the educational realm, has become more challenging. The upheaval caused by COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional learning environment, making it difficult for students to engage fully. As someone deeply connected to the issues faced by school refusers, I bring a unique perspective to the table. This understanding is not just professional; it's personal. I comprehend the struggles, the anxiety, and the need for tailored interventions to help individuals move through their challenges and rediscover a sense of purpose.  Coaching, in this context, plays a pivotal role in moving forward. It provides a safe and trusting environment, offering the support of a caring adult – someone who understands the nuances of the educational landscape and the emotional toll it can take. 


Beyond just addressing current issues, regenerative coaching, delves into the deeper layers of one's past. By asking the right questions and employing effective models, individuals can trace the influence of their past on their current reality. Empowerment takes root when one identifies the links, patterns, and habits that have shaped their journey. Coaching becomes a transformative process that not only acknowledges the impact of the past but actively works to change the association with it. The goal is to equip individuals with the tools needed to flourish, moving forward with a renewed sense of self and a profound understanding of their capabilities. 


In this space, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we'll unravel the layers of your experiences, addressing not only the challenges of today but also the echoes of the past. Welcome to a coaching experience that goes beyond the surface, offering you the opportunity to flourish and thrive in a world that is ever-evolving.​

What We Offer

Life Coaching

(Personalised coaching sessions)

Teen support

(Tutoring, coaching, healthy habit development)

Meet Our Coaching Expert

Dr. Anita Gamvrellis Ph.D.

Life Coach and Education Specialist

At Red Shift Coaching, as a coach and education specialist, I provide personalized coaching sessions that are tailored to your unique needs. 


I provide services that support individuals with life coaching and for teens I combine coaching with tuition. 


For teens I offer tuition in General Science, Senior Biology (VCE and IB DP) and Years 7-10 Mathematics.


I keep myself busy upskilling my professional knowledge and skills. I have a Ph.D. in Medical Research, majoring in Immunology and Masters of Secondary Teaching from Deakin University specialising in Educational Leadership. I completed the Growth Coaching International coaching accreditation and I am now a Pro Coach candidate with the International Coaching Institute.

I have experience teaching at both Monash University and RMIT University, working with science, nursing and allied health students.  My teaching focused on the areas of physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, immunology and pathology. 

I have 10 years experience in Secondary schools in Science and Mathematics teaching and as an educational leader of learning and teaching. In this executive role I have supported staff professional growth using coaching and mentoring models, leading teams, and leading change management and projects. I have supported staff in building their pedagogical capabilities so their teaching practice strengthens and caters for diverse needs.

I'm passionate about being of service to  others and helping individuals build the skills to thrive each and every day.

Anita Gamvrellis

Ilja Van Weringh (Educational leader)

"As a coach, Anita builds strong relationships with her clients, based on respect, trust, and collaboration. She uses her broad experience as a leader in education to ask deep and thought provoking questions which go to the heart of her clients' ability to help them improve their practice, be it in the classroom, or in their leadership role. I really value Anita's ability to make people think for themselves and to help them find solutions based on their own strengths and preferences, and her habit to always focus on learning, co-creation and improvement."

Angela Droutsas (Parent)

"We used Dr. Gamvrellis as a tutor for our daughter for Science and Maths.  She was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and delivered results.  She taught in a relaxed manner and was patient as my daughter navigated through her working out equations and other material.  As a result, my daughter felt confident in preparing for exams and other assessments."
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